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Key to the service we offer to clients is an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness, management and organisation of learning, all of which are essential to achieving learning optimisation. As part of that process we regularly produce white papers which investigate some of the most common issues facing L&D departments and seek to find root causes and solutions to those issues.

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The Anatomy of Performance Improvement

At KnowledgePool, we have observed a trend in recent times, where Heads of Learning are starting to ask: how can we show the board where learning adds value? One way to do this is to demonstrate to senior stakeholders where learning contributes business benefit. With learning budgets constantly at risk of being cut, being able to prove where learning adds value would be a powerful argument for maintaining investment.

In this business white paper, we are seeking to open up a conversation that will help learning functions move to a point where they can speak more confidently about how and where learning adds value to organisational performance.
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white papers

Learning Transformation

In this business white paper, Kevin Lovell argues that L&D needs to change dramatically, in order to offer best practice and best value in all things learning. He identifies three ‘shifts’ which are necessary for learning to achieve this Transformation, and describes the key components of each, together with the benefits that will accrue.
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View the new Learning Transformation video to accompany this white paper:
The three shifts that learning departments need to make in order to survive.

Ten Steps to Optimise Your Learning

Kevin Lovell outlines ten steps that will help organisations to reduce their total cost of learning and maximise the impact that learning has on performance improvement and the bottom line...
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How to reduce training wastage

In this paper Kevin Lovell shows that, if training is to lead to performance improvement, learners must use what they learned. Line managers play a pivotal role in this process, yet 25% of all training fails to yield significant performance improvement - why is that?...
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Conspiracy of convenience

Kevin Lovell talks about the so-called 'Conspiracy of Convenience', which describes the influences at work when training is commissioned in large organisations...
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KnowledgePool Learning Outsource Survey 2009: Results

The results of KnowledgePool's survey into the perceptions and trends of large UK organisations towards the outsourcing of learning...
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Are You Cutting It? How to reduce your cost of learning by 30%

Learning & Development teams are under pressure to make significant reductions in training costs. At the same time, organisations recognise a business imperative to continue training, to maintain workforce skills. Kevin Lovell explores how large organisations can resolve this tension and satisfy both demands, however, the solution may not be what you expect...
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Independence Day? - Proprietary vs vendor-independent managed service providers

65% of large organisations are seeking to outsource at least part of their learning function. There are many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who can help with this, which fall into two broad categories: proprietary and vendor independent. This paper explores this fundamental distinction between different MSPs...
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Addressing the Talent Shortage

The Rise of the Managed Learning Service. The talent shortage has become the number one issue for CEOs. L&D is increasingly being seen as key to closing the skills gap. But how do hard-pressed L&D teams step up to this challenge without losing control or increasing headcount. This paper examines the trends in L&D outsourcing, and how a managed service approach can free up resource, save costs and deliver improved service levels. Enter the Managed Learning Service...
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Getting the Value out of Evaluation

KnowledgePool, the managed learning services company, has launched a white paper outlining a new approach which learning & development practitioners can use to assess their training portfolio and measure the impact of their learning interventions...
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Emerging trends in Central Government L&D

Read the notes from the workshop sessions which covered three topics: How will you know if you really are achieving more with less?, Learn for free! How can you encourage informal learning? and How do you get line managers on your side?...
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Improve Your Productivity by Avoiding the Knee-Jerk Reaction to Training

Take a perceived training need at face value and you could be treating a symptom, not the cause. Sam Mather explains how line managers can improve performance by avoiding the knee-jerk reaction to training and how a diagnostic procedure holds the key to a more holistic approach...
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How to Implement Successful e-learning

Using a simple model to explain what factors encourage learners to use e-learning, Kevin Lovell, KnowledgePool's Learning Strategy Director, takes a look at how organisations can ensure their e-learning initiatives are successful...
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Intend to Blend?

KnowledgePool's approach to designing effective Blended Learning solutions...
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